Montgomery County Criminal – Over objection and strenuous argument of the District Attorney’s Office and the victim, obtained probation sentence for client charged with burglary of an occupied residence based on client’s successful treatment while on bail.

Philadelphia County Criminal – Obtained probation sentence for client charged with possession of child pornography by the Attorney General’s Office.

Montgomery County Criminal – Obtained misdemeanor verdict with probation for client charged with multiple counts of felony aggravated assault against various police officers while he was in possession of a gun and a knife.

Chester County Criminal – Client found not guilty of DUI by jury even though state troopers allege that client admitted drinking and driving at the time of his arrest. 

Montgomery County Criminal – Obtained probation sentence for client charged with possession of child pornography by the Attorney General’s Office.

Federal Court Criminal – Negotiated a probation sentence for social security fraud, even though the Sentencing Guidelines recommended a sentence of 10-16 months in prison.

Montgomery County Criminal – By providing evidence regarding client’s marital problems and mental health treatment, convinced the District Attorney’s Office to permit client to plead guilty to a misdemeanor theft offense even though she was caught on video stealing clothing worth over $7,000, which is a felony offense.

Philadelphia County Criminal – Client with lengthy employment history and no prior criminal record received a probation sentence for distribution/possession of child pornography despite sentencing guidelines recommending a sentence of 6-14 months in prison.

Montgomery County Criminal – Client received one year probation for a misdemeanor offense, with the possibility of expungement under the “section 17” program, even though he was charged with distributing marijuana and providing false information to the police.

Federal Court Criminal – Convinced the government to permit client to plead guilty and receive a seven-year prison sentence in cross-country drug distribution conspiracy where client faced a mandatory 10-year sentence if convicted.

Philadelphia County Criminal –  By providing information regarding client’s lack of intent and good character, Mr. Drossner gained client’s acceptance into first-offender diversion program, which resulted in no conviction and no criminal record, even though client attempted to bring a firearm onto a plane at the Philadelphia International Airport.

College Disciplinary Council –  Obtained reversal of expulsion on behalf of Temple University student accused of improperly videotaping roommate; student was expelled after a hearing (in which Mr. Drossner was not involved) but, after student was expelled, Mr. Drossner filed an appeal and provided the school with extensive documentation regarding client’s innocence; expulsion was reversed and client was permitted to finish school and graduate with his class.

Federal Civil Rights –  Obtained a significant financial settlement on behalf of Philadelphia attorney falsely arrested and prosecuted for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Philadelphia County Criminal –  Jury found client not guilty of felony aggravated assault and related charges; client and co-defendant were businessmen, leaving the Union League in Philadelphia at 3:00 am on New Year’s Eve with their immediate family members, who were accused of attacking multiple individuals outside the as they left an event.

Philadelphia County Civil Rights –  Obtained a sizable financial settlement, in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, in a civil rights case on behalf of client that was assaulted by members of the Philadelphia Police Department.

Montgomery County Criminal –  Client was a high school teacher that exchanged inappropriate photographs, through Snapchat, with a 17-year-old student; even though client admitted the conduct and it was, technically, the felony offense of dissemination of sexual materials, Mr. Drossner was able to resolve the matter by way of a misdemeanor offense and probation.

Montgomery County Criminal Matter –  Gained client’s admission into diversionary program for illegally carrying a firearm; resolution will keep client’s record free from conviction although he was admittedly not licensed to carry a gun.

Philadelphia County Criminal – Convinced District Attorney’s Office to withdraw robbery and aggravated assault charges against an 18-year-old high school senior, with no prior record, by providing evidence of client’s good character and statements from teachers at the high school verifying that client was in school at the time of the incident.

Montgomery County Criminal – Prosecution withdrawn after successful suppression motion; Court refused to admit evidence which was obtained illegally from client’s car.

Federal Court Criminal – Represented high school student accused of providing false information to a federal law enforcement agent; convinced the US Attorney’s Office to withdraw charges based on client’s background and her attendance at counseling following the incident.

Philadelphia Civil Rights – Obtained favorable settlement on behalf of Montgomery County man, with no prior record, who was illegally stopped by the police, assaulted and falsely arrested.

Montgomery County Criminal – Many times, young adults are charged with summary offenses before the local Magistrate Judge and plead guilty because they think that it will have no impact; however, summary offenses are convictions that can appear on a background check.  On numerous occasions, I have successfully appealed summary convictions from years earlier, even though the time period for appeal had expired) and was able to have the charges dismissed.

Delaware County Criminal – Obtained misdemeanor assault conviction and probation sentence for client accused of felony aggravated assault for stabbing another driver in a “road rage” incident.

Federal Court Criminal – Over the years, represented numerous “witnesses” in federal grand jury investigations regarding tax fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, and related offenses, which resulted in no charges filed against the clients.

Philadelphia County Criminal – Client found not guilty of driving under the influence based on expert testimony from forensic psychiatrist stating that client’s actions at the time of his arrest were due to withdrawal from lack of medication, not from drinking alcohol.

Montgomery County Criminal – Secured client’s admission into the ARD program for first-time offenders even though he was caught selling rifles out of his car with an illegal firearm in his possession.

College Disciplinary Council – Represented client accused of sexual assault and secured his withdrawal from school with a clean academic record and no criminal charges.

Philadelphia County Criminal/PFA – Represented client on parallel criminal and protection from abuse (“PFA”) matters; convinced the District Attorney’s office to withdraw aggravated assault charges against client who allegedly pulled a gun on her paramour and had the Protection from Abuse (“PFA”) matter dismissed; complainant had multiple prior convictions and we provided witness statements to the DA’s Office regarding client’s innocence.

Montgomery County Criminal – After trial, Court found client not guilty of violating a PFA Order where client followed ex-wife into empty school parking lot.

Delaware County Criminal – Based on ongoing and successful treatment, client not required to spend any additional time in jail even though he faced a one-year mandatory jail sentence for a repeat DUI offense.

Philadelphia County Criminal – Charges were dismissed after a preliminary hearing where evidence proved that defendant fired a shot into the corner of his basement to frighten individuals that were assaulting his teenage son.

Montgomery County Criminal – Jury found client not guilty of illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon even though DA’s office called expert witness who testified that client’s fingerprints were, in fact, on the weapon.

Philadelphia County Criminal – Client received sentence of probation for attempting to bring drugs into the visiting room at the county jail even though such an offense carries a mandatory jail sentence.

Montgomery County Criminal – Obtained dismissals, before the Magisterial District Court, for clients accused of drug possession, assault and other misdemeanor offenses.

NOTE:  Results achieved in the past should not be read to suggest that any particular result can be achieved in your matter, that is, prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.  Every case, and every client, brings a different situation and there are no guarantees as to what will happen in your case.