Federal Court Criminal Defense

Mr. Drossner has represented individuals in federal court that have been charged, for example, with the following “white collar” offenses:

  • bank fraud;
  • counterfeiting;
  • identity fraud;
  • Medicare fraud;
  • misapplication of funds;
  • money laundering; and
  • tax evasion.

In addition, Mr. Drossner has represented individuals that were charged with traditional state court offenses, like firearms and narcotics violations, that have been adopted by the federal government and carry significant, mandatory penalties upon conviction.

In federal court, Mr. Drossner has handled arraignment and detention proceedings, pretrial motions, trials, sentencing hearings, hearings regarding alleged violations of probation/supervised release, and habeas corpus proceedings. In addition, Mr. Drossner has conducted legal research and drafted appellate briefs in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

Mr. Drossner is intimately familiar with the complex and difficult nature of the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines. In fact, he has drafted numerous federal sentencing memorandums which resulted in sentences below the recommended sentencing range in the Guidelines.