State Court Criminal Defense

Mr. Drossner has represented thousands of individuals charged with traditional state court offenses.

These offenses range from:

  • disorderly conduct/harassment;
  • driving under the influence (“DUI”);
  • drug distribution;
  • firearms offenses;
  • possession of drugs;
  • robbery and burglary;
  • sex offenses;
  • simple and aggravated assault;
  • theft offenses; and
  • underage drinking

In state court, Mr. Drossner has handled voluntary surrenders, bail hearings, preliminary hearings, pre-trial motions, trials, sentencing hearings and violation of probation/parole hearings. In addition, he has conducted legal research and drafted appellate briefs for the Pennsylvania appellate courts. And finally, Mr. Drossner helps his clients clear their name and reputation through the expungement process by petitioning the court to delete and destroy any records regarding the individual’s underlying arrest.